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About Rent A Car

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Since its launch in 2005, EZ Rent a Car offers Car Rental in Dubai and Car Leasing services for both individuals and business delegates within Dubai and UAE, as well as chauffeur-driven and limousine services. We cater to all types of customers by offering a diverse fleet of well-maintained vehicles for short-term and long-term Car Rental and Car Leasing purposes throughout Dubai and the UAE. Our aim is to give our customers reliable and high-quality services at the most cost and time efficient manner.

EZ Rent a Car always strives to provide the highest standard Car Rental and Car Leasing services as well as prompt solutions for our clients within Dubai and UAE to worry less about their cars and simply focus their attention on what is more important for them. They also offer luxury car rentals which are always available in their fleet. They have the wide range of the luxurious car that you can rent whether for short-term or long-term leasing.

EZ Rent a Car in Dubai optimizes its Car Rental and Car Leasing through value-added services which include free delivery, competitive rates, fast maintenance, and timely deliveries. The scope is to ensure that anything from a short term Car Rental and Car Leasing, to a full-service leasing experience throughout Dubai and UAE, is completed with perfection.

Contact us Today to know more about our services and see our fleet pages for the list of available cars. 

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of a wide range of vehicles to suit the needs of different customers. We offer economy, mid-size and SUV vehicles to ensure our customers are spoilt for choice.
We are also expanding our services to accommodate customers that require luxury cars for rent in Dubai with or without chauffeur services.
For the ease and safety of our customers, and to offer the latest models and technology, all our cars do not exceed three years from the date of registration.
We also provide our corporate customers with pick-ups, vans, and buses. This service is only available on Long Term Lease (12 months and above).


Our Philosophy

We have worked hand-in-hand with our customers to become one of the most professional and reliable car rental and leasing company in the UAE.
We believe in conducting business with high standards of honesty and trust by being transparent when dealing with our clients. Our staff has been trained to be upfront and clear about our policies, rules and regulations.
We also cherish gaining customer loyalty and satisfaction by providing a service that is excellent, fast and delightfully professional and friendly.

Our Value Proposition

Quality Service

We provide our customers with the upmost reliable services and ensure timely deliveries, fast maintenance, clean and good condition cars as well as prompt solutions.

Delivery of Cars

We provide our long-term lease clients with free delivery as an additional service. We also deliver the cars to our short-term customers to any place in Dubai, at a reasonable cost.

Relatively Competitive Rates

We offer our customers competitive rates. Corporate rates are agreed on (case-to-case basis) based on the requirements of our customers in terms of car brand, volume and leasing period.

Servicing all Kinds of Needs

We always respond to a client even if the request is beyond our range of cars or services. Whatever their needs, our clientele can rest assured that they will be taken care of, even if it means outsourcing vehicles from other companies or helping them find whatever they are looking for.

Constant Customer Feedback

We seek constant feedback from existing long-term and short-term clients to ensure that we are always meeting our clients’ expectations and tracking whether our clients are satisfied with our service. The objective is to conduct our business with the highest standards, improve any deficiency within the company or the services that we offer and know how to keep our clients happy.

Our Clients

media group
prada rosso
palace group
Relo Gulf
Toscana Landscaping & Pools
Bando corporation
Dutco Balfour Beatty
Master Card

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